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​Ways to Ensure Your Bicycle Isn't Stolen for Bike Parts


Bicycle theft is a major problem in many of our nation’s cities. Having your bike stolen is one of the worst things that can happen to a devoted cyclist.

Bike theft crimes generally fall into one of two categories: The opportunistic thief who spots an unlocked bike outside the grocery store and rides off on it and the professional bicycle thief who searches for expensive bikes and devises a plan to steal it.

The professional bike thief is the one who will break into your garage or shed with cutting equipment to steal your bike. A stolen bike may be sold as a whole, but it will likely be sold as bike parts.

What is done after a bike is stolen is of little regard, the sad story is that someone no longer has a bike they loved. Niagara Cycle, your source for bike baskets, bicycle tires and kid’s bike accessories, offers these tips to keep your bike safe from thieves.

Park Your Bike in a Highly Visible Location

Your bike is far less likely to get stolen if it is parked and locked up in a place where it can be seen by many. Good spots include coffee shops, restaurants or other places where customers sit by a window and peer out at the activities going on out front.

Avoid Crowded Bike Racks

A packed bike rack is not only an invitation to getting your bike scratched up, it provides a bike thief great cover. It is far easier to pinch a bike from a packed bike rack than it is to steal one that is all on its own.

Park Your Bike at Different Locations

If you lock your bike up at the same location every day, bike thieves will know exactly where your bike will be at a particular time. It gives them the perfect opportunity to steal it when they are least likely to get caught.


Yes, this is exactly what you think it is; make your bicycle ugly so nobody wants to steal it. One way to do this is to add tape to various parts of your frame to make it ugly. Just make sure you use the type of tape that peels away without leaving any residue.

You can also tape some pieces of sponge to your seat to make it look like it’s all torn up. Use washable markers to leave scuff marks on strategic spots on your frame. Be creative and make your bike look as ugly as possible and the chances someone will steal it drops dramatically.

Buy a Quality Lock

This might seem obvious, but people still buy cheap locks and cables from Walmart and wonder why their bike was stolen. Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality bike lock and cable or U-lock.

Also, lock up your bike to something that is very sturdy. Small trees and signposts are bad locations.

If you don’t have a quality bike lock and cable, you need to seriously consider an upgrade. It is totally worth the investment. Check out the locks and cable available at Niagara Cycle.

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